Praise for The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

“Filipacchi’s book [has] a philosophical heft and prods us to examine our own prejudices…. Funny, surreal, absurd, and charmingly preposterous…. Filipacchi’s characters never question the weirdness around them but meet it with a delightful, practical ingenuity.”
The New York Times Book Review

“[A] sure comic touch… smart and sweet… a tribute to the pleasures of friendship.”
The New Yorker

“At the corner where a brisker Haruki Murakami meets a drier “30 Rock” [readers] would do well to seek out Filipacchi’s radiantly intelligent and very funny novel.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Few comic novelists get characters talking so naturally, and amusingly…. There is a high art in this kind of ungentle entertainment, and in ‘The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty’ Amanda Filipacchi proves she hasn’t lost her touch, not even a little.”
The Boston Globe

“A surreal and utterly compelling triumph.”

“[A] farcical novel… riveting to read.”
NY Times, T Magazine

“[A] zanily satirical, spot-on novel.”
O, The Oprah Magazine

“Magic spills from the pores of Filipacchi’s story… a witty and honest rendering of the unknowable distance between perception and reality… I found myself turning pages in time to the book’s thriller pace.”

“Filipacchi’s novel is breezy with a bite.”
Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air, NPR

“[A] darkly humorous modern fairy tale.”
Huffington Post

“An astute, piercing look at the value society and individuals place on appearance… impossible to put down and utterly dead-on in its assessment of human nature.”
Booklist (Starred Review)

“Will both make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat.”

“Filipacchi’s novel — which is brilliant and original — mixes all the elements of an amazing story, with the perfect language to tell it. You want to read this book.”

“A funny and exuberant story that addresses the costs of a social preoccupation while losing none of its fairy-tale charm.”
Shelf Awareness

“Filipacchi’s fourth novel blithely upends the social constructs of beauty, desire, and art in her signature brisk, darkly comic style…with sharp surreal turns and layers of subversive meaning… While looks can kill, they’re no match for Filipacchi’s rapier wit.”
Publishers Weekly

“An ingeniously crafted fictional meditation on power and freedom, essence and appearance that takes the form of a philosophical farce. A delight for the mind that penetrates the heart.”
—Walter Kirn

“Amanda Filipacchi writes with a deceptive ease, creating magic out of thin air. She makes the ordinary come alive with possibility and stuffs her pages full of laughter, sadness and characters that are unforgettable… Filipacchi is one of our best satirists.”
—Neil LaBute

“Amanda Filipacchi is one of the most original storytelling minds I know. Here, she has written a seductively powerful fable about the ugly powers of beauty, the redemptive powers of creativity, and the nature of true love. Every page abounds in mystery, delight and surprise.”
—Sheila Heti

“Amanda Filipacchi’s untamed imagination makes the world a little more fun to live in. This witty novel shines a blacklight on beauty, to reveal its dark side, and the author’s irrepressibly zany one.”
—Roxana Robinson

“Amanda Filipacchi has crafted a delightful gem, an unusual mixture of laughter and suspense. One never knows what’s going to happen next in this odd and charming universe. This is a wonderfully absurd and comedic novel that also reads like a page-turning whodunit.”
—Jonathan Ames

“The best comic novelist writing today.”
—Ed Park


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nude men cover

“A quirky, unpredictable comedy of contemporary urban morals…Reminiscent of some of Philip Roth’s zanier explorations of identity and sexuality.”
Chicago Tribune

“Filipacchi is fearsomely witty…a truly clever first novel, one that makes you feel clever as you read it.”
The Village Voice

“An exhilarating pleasure.”

“Witty and unpredictable to the end, Nude Men is a quirky tale of twisted morals.”

“Exuberantly inventive…Droll, mesmerizing and memorable…with a particular brand of sly naïveté all its own.”
Publishers Weekly

“Deftly comic and ingenuous….intelligent, imaginative, and, with every page, increasingly surreal.”
Library Journal

Nude Men is everything you don’t expect it to be—hilarious, full of plot surprises, and completely original.”
—Louis Malle

“Even at its most twisted… Nude Men somehow has the charm of a fairy tale.”
New York magazine

“Filipacchi’s novel of manners…is a sly look at contemporary sexual politics and mores.”
Vanity Fair

“An optical illusion novel: savor the shimmering wit and sharp writing from a distance; or get close and risk seeing something that may shock you.”
Details Magazine

“Playful, perverse and wonderfully funny, it’s hard to say whether Amanda Filipacchi’s first novel is rescue from or a fatal case of the human condition. Either way, here is an irresistible introduction to a sublimely precocious writer.”
—Kathryn Harrison

Nude Men is more than a little bit fantastic…Filipacchi’s [writing] is truly funny, [and] she has the self-mocking, well-chosen arrows of John Fante; I look forward to more writing with that directness.”

“This is one of the most bizarre, challenging novels I’ve ever read. It’s also one of the best… Nude Men is, by turns, shocking, funny, moving, perverse and very, very clever.”
British New Woman

“How come Britain can’t produce young writers as fresh and inventive as Amanda Filipacchi?”
The Face

“Wildly imaginative and intelligent, Vapor is as good as any long-awaited second novel can get.”
Time Out New York

“Cruelly inventive, mercilessly witty and outrageous…[Filipacchi’s Vapor] showcases a prodigious postfeminist talent. Her energetic originality never falters and her unforgiving eye for the fluidity of human weakness never blinks.”
Publishers Weekly

“Rewardingly escapist.”

“An original and beguiling interpretation of old myths and contemporary preoccupations.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Amanda Filipacchi has pulled off the rare feat of writing a novel that is at once great fun and extremely thought-provoking. She takes the Pygmalion myth and through a surreal twist, helps us to see the reality of human relationships with a new, valuable clarity.”
—Alain de Botton

“Filipacchi has stirred the stories of Cinderella and Pygmalion with the scatological humor of Chaucer. Vapor never fails to splash up some new wave of wit or horror.”
—Ron Charles, The Christian Science Monitor

“It’s a quirky dark love story—surreal, fantastic!”
—Ralph Fiennes

“Quick, funny, absurd, and daring…. hilarious even during the most absurd moments.”

Vapor is the funniest damn book I’ve ever read.”
—Dale Peck


Inventive… hilarious… [Amanda Filipacchi’s] style is reminiscent in certain ways of Muriel Spark. Love Creeps is a rare treat. It’s intelligent and perceptive about the slippery nature of desire. And it’s extraordinarily funny.”
The Boston Globe

“A surreal comedy of manners that’s also a surprisingly penetrating work of psychological fiction.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[Filipacchi’s] writing is both humorous and sharp, but it’s also incredibly insightful: in telling the story of these three strange people, she makes piercing observations about human nature and seemingly inexplicable behavior. Brilliant.”
Booklist (starred review)

“A fast-moving surrealistic sex farce about fear, seduction and stalking in Manhattan—a place where everybody is spying on everybody else—that’s part suspense comedy and part philosophical treatise on the neurosis of love. This is, by far, Amanda Filipacchi’s funniest and most accomplished novel.”
—Bret Easton Ellis

“Whimsical and subversive, Love Creeps takes the hot, tragic issues of our day (stalking, child abuse) and cools them down to wry comedy. The result is both shocking and philosophical.”
—Edmund White

“Filipacchi has such an original voice and this book is her most hilarious and thought-provoking yet—entertainingly complex!”
—Tama Janowitz

“One of the year’s twenty-five best books. With a flair for delightfully silly dialogue, Filipacchi’s third novel portrays romance as the tricky, prickly game that it is.”
The Village Voice

“It’s a love story of stalkers in New York. It’s great. It’s the funniest book I’ve ever read.”
—Brian Dannelly, director/co-writer of “Saved!”